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An auxiliary personnel lighter, or "berthing barge," houses crewmembers when their ship is in port or drydock undergoing maintenance--which can last months, said Dan Shimooka, NAVSEA's program executive officer for ships and principal assistant program manager of service craft and seaborne targets.
In addition, the average times were 10-15 minutes, although dentists in Panama were able to perform the amalgam procedure in less than 9 minutes, and auxiliary personnel in Panama and Uruguay required more than 15 minutes to perform ART.
Based on the average number of clinical auxiliary personnel in a given office, it can be assumed that PDs work with an optimal number of dental assistants and as a result are highly productive.
The most obvious means of lowering the prices of medical "goods"--doctors, hospitals, auxiliary personnel machines, drugs, etc.
Under the current contract between her school district and the Marshfield Auxiliary Personnel Association, Level I graduates receive a one-time bonus of $300, while those who complete Level II get $600.
Although women serving in uniform as auxiliary personnel were killed behind the battlefront in the Great War and World War II, Goddard became the first female front line casualty since the landmark 1990 decision to open combat arms trades to women.
In Shining Bright, a community of parents, administrators, auxiliary personnel, and teachers comes together to include children with severe disabilities in a Head Start program in Manhattan, Kansas.
Your job is to supervise this process, remain behind the pharmacy counter, encourage technicians and other auxiliary personnel to deal with the patient, and make certain prescriptions are dispensed as quickly and efficiently as possible -- being careful, of course, to insure accuracy and monitor possible adverse drug reactions and contraindications.
As from the year 2000, candidates for positions as auxiliary personnel will require high school certification.

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