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Then the fox stretched out his tail again, and the young man sat himself down, and away they went over stock and stone till their hair whistled in the wind.
Then he scraped away the dirt, and exposed a pine shingle.
The Chatterer, who had been away all day and who was only then returning, heard the noise and rushed for the spot.
Well, me and Tom Sawyer had the spring fever, and had it bad, too; but it warn't any use to think about Tom trying to get away, because, as he said, his Aunt Polly wouldn't let him quit school and go traipsing off somers wasting time; so we was pretty blue.
The little girl was quite an experienced traveller, for she had once been carried by a cyclone as far away from home as the marvelous Land of Oz, and she had met with a good many adventures in that strange country before she managed to get back to Kansas again.
I do not care where it is, but I want you to take me away.
I will no longer be housekeeper for you if you don't send away that alligator.
Returning home one evening, I met her at the lodge-gate hurrying away.
Thus a year passed away, and the Princess had a son, whom she called Benjamin.
My imagination was running away with me into a morass of unsubstantial fears.
They probably think I am offering them the grain to bribe them to remain here, while I myself go away leaving them to the mercy of the French," thought Princess Mary.
Before he was t'other side of the river I was out of the hole; him and his raft was just a speck on the water away off yonder.