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Boundary-layer equations for two-dimensional and axisymmetric flow, AIChE, 7: 2.
As the Reynolds number characterizing the airflow is very large, and assuming that the flow remains laminar and it does not separate, the corresponding governing equations are derived by using a classical boundary layer type analysis for the axisymmetric flow past a body of revolution [21, 22].
Internal inserts can either convert axisymmetric flow to plane flow type or to complex--but more favourable--flow forms.
In order to model the incompressible axisymmetric flow, the stream function-vorticity-circulation formulation [19] is used:
To determine the entrance loss for axisymmetric flow, Bagley plots [3] were prepared using the pressure data from the capillary experiments.
For axisymmetric flow, the shear and elongational viscosities are respectively defined as:
The dimensionality of flow in runners and channels is also reduced by assuming developed axisymmetric flow.
For this analysis, a non-isothermal, axisymmetric flow model was developed for the die-hole geometry using a 2-D finite element analysis (FEA) software package.
For an axisymmetric flow of a Newtonian fluid, the Trouton ratio (Tr [equivalent to] [[eta].
The flow field in the opposed pistons device is a two-dimensional, axisymmetric flow through a sharp contraction.