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The Supreme Court did redefine marriage / And defenders of marriage disparage / Newfound "right" they pretend / Has Stephan to wed Sven / Yet no Sally means no baby carriage.
com/author/drdavidstevens Love, Marriage, and the Baby Carriage is available in soft cover, and digital formats from Amazon.
Elvis' blue suede shoe, an oversized royal baby carriage, an asparagus and a loaf of bread were some of the unusual designs for vehicles taking part in the Red Bull Soapbox Race today.
He never asked where we got the wheels, but he knew someone's baby carriage was on blocks.
SHAME on the air-headed young blonde woman who drove through Pennine Garden Centre car park at high speed - during what seemed like a cloudburst - and completely drenched seven or eight people, including two toddlers and a young mother pushing a baby carriage.
BABY carriage was tearful when the Thin Controller arrived for work.
A line up of people trailed beside the door, including a woman with a ginormous baby carriage for twins.
8) 2 Combine, merge (4) 3 Sporting challenge (6) 4 Sort (3) 5 Baby swan (6) 6 Small tablet (4) 7 Rugby captain, - - - Blair (4) 9 Hoarding (9) 10 Female offspring (9) 13 Glasgow band, - - - Camera (5) 14 Machine controlled by a computer (5) 16 Pub counter (3) 18 Arab states (1,1,1) 19 Precious stones (8) 23 Numerals (6) 24 Zodiac sign (6) 26 Baby carriage (4) 27 Division of a school year (4) 28 Song, - - - Lang Syne (4) 30 Tier (3)
I'm like a little kid out of a baby carriage seeing things that were once so huge now seem so small," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.
So it's probably true that more people recall a baby carriage, rolling unattended down a long flight of steps - its infant passenger destined for the same fate as its unfortunate mother
Its main product categories today include speaker cloth, fabrics for seat covers and car interiors, baby stroller fabric, baby carriage fabric, garment fabric, eco-friendly fabric, recycled PET-bottle fabric, and-for something a little different--bamboo charcoal.
Whatever this disarming actor is thinking of as he dangles a toy carrot over the baby carriage that has been retrofitted with IV drips and flashing lights and beeping machinery, he coos like any doting dad over the joy he sees in his little darling's "sparkling" blue eye.