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FIGHTING BACK Boxing hero Mohammed Ali with chump Trump at an event in Arizona
I'm excited to be back boxing and I've actually enjoyed going through all the pain in training, pushing my body, the dieting and being disciplined.
I am honored to bring back boxing to the great city of Pittsburgh," says Tyson.
Still, at least he'll be back boxing in Wales for the first time in four years.
The cash, raised through the government's Proceeds of Crime Act, will help the Bring Back Boxing initiative that launches with an inter-city tournament between Edinburgh and London in Princes Street Gardens on Friday night.
Army said officials at Mechanics Hall were "very receptive from the start, extremely cooperative" about bringing back boxing.
A new campaign to bring back boxing for pupils could bring a whole new meaning to the school bell.
But now, I think my second day back boxing in the gym, I started boxing nine and 10 rounds.
Brushing aside speculation that the 28-year-old's career was in jeopardy, Peter Harrison, the champion's father and trainer, said: "I hope Scott will be back boxing in September.
Promoter Warren said: 'If Peter is saying that Scott could be back boxing in September then that's something that I will look at.