back flap

back flap, back fold, back shutter

The leaf in a window shutter that folds behind the exposed leaf of the shutter; that part of a window shutter that folds into a recess in the window casing.
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Envelope Style: Back Flap Tapered From 1 1/4 Inches Near Edge To 1 5/8 Inches In Center.
It also fits securely in the device's back flap for easy storage.
They prefer Fate's number scrawled on the back flap of a
Open the back flap of the 1993 Sam Walton autobiography "Made In America" and you'll find a photo of Walton and John Huey, the journalist and author who worked on the book with him.
The back flap of the book states Aurelius's wisdom "speaks to the soul of anyone who has ever exercised authority or faced adversity or believed in a better day.
The voluminous back flap was removed in favor of just enough leather to fold over and sew to the back of the holster to make a belt loop.
The Wraith, with my M&P in, was even more comfortable than the WheelGunner, as it uses a sewn-on back flap as the belt attachment point.
Volume 2, contained on a CD which slips into a pocket inside the back flap, provides an additional 886 pages of secondary materials: reviews, essays, books, and theses on Updike's work.
The acknowledger, author Wyatt Townley, listed on the back flap as poet, essayist, former dancer, and yoga teacher, uses wit and high spirits to enliven what could have been a solemn chronicle of the company's three phases: under ballet pioneer Tatiana Dokoudovska (sister of Vladimir); company-builder Todd Bolender; current artistic director/innovator William Whitener.
WM: The back flap of your book says you've got a PhD, you speak a bunch of languages, and you lecture.
It splendidly holds true to what John Ashbery expresses on the back flap of the book: "Lorenzo Thomas' poems have a graceful New York School nonchalance that can swiftly become a hard and cutting edge when he writes of the African American experience, especially in his adopted home of Texas.