back fold

back flap, back fold, back shutter

The leaf in a window shutter that folds behind the exposed leaf of the shutter; that part of a window shutter that folds into a recess in the window casing.

backflap hinge, flap hinge

A hinge having a flat plate or strap which is screwed to the face of a shutter or door.
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More conventional MPV features such as seat back fold down tables and underfloor storage compartments are carried forward onto the new model and the boot is now bigger offering anything from 535 to 630 litres of space depending on the position of the reclinable rear seats.
The boot size is deceptively large and the seats at the back fold down, great for all those shopping trips to the malls.
Just above the tie, fold the corn husks downward (away from and exposing the full "head"); insert the pipe cleaner/puffy sleeve arms in the back fold and center it at the neck so that the arm lengths are equal, then tie the corn husks securely below the arms to form the bodice.
The smooth back fold design gives the Nokia 3610 Fold an understated elegance and its ergonomic shape - when opened - makes for a seemingly natural alignment to the human face.
The middle benchseat can accommodate three and the two seats in the back fold flat into the floor.
and the back fold will have a picture of the Oklahoma Governor that will be supplied by the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission after bid
Law, of Back Fold Drive, in Halifax, will next appear before the court on November 4.
If it's a rigid-frame chair, does the back fold down?
Map Is Properly Folded, The Face Fold Will Have A Cover That Will Be Supplied By The Oac, And The Back Fold Will Have
These seats also fold flat, creating a truly van-like potential capacity of 2,506 litres, while the front passenger seat back folds down, too, to cater for particularly long items.
For such a modern-looking, hi-tech motor it may come as some surprise that the rear windows don't wind down but are the pop-out variety and that the rear seat back folds down in one piece rather than the usual 60/40 split.