back stay

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brace, 3
1. A metal or wood member which is used to stiffen or support a structure; a strut which supports or fixes another member in position or a tie used for the same purpose.
2. An angle brace.
3. A tool having a handle, crank, and chuck; used for holding a bit or auger and rotating it to drill a hole by hand; also called a bit stock.
4. A raker, 2.
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Tenders are invited for Strengthening Of Head Gear & Back Stay Frame Including Scrapping Priming Coat, Painting Of Iron Structure At No.
Tenders are invited for Strengthening foundation of head gear and back stay post frame including scrapping priming coat- painting at iron structure of head gear and back stay frame at no.
The iconic barn-style doors at the back stay from the previous Clubman but there are now four front-hinged doors on the sides.
When the man got to the pavement he turned around to face them as if to say 'get back stay away'.