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Sagoora is prominently featured on backbars and is a key ingredient (noted on the drink list) in many of Arooga's top-sellers.
Infusion jars are displayed on the backbar to keep them top-of-mind.
I had lunch with someone today who asked me what it's like to be on menus and the backbars at so many restaurants in New York, and I said it's amazing and rewarding when you go places outside of major markets and they know the brand.
There are no International Standards specifying requirements for the mounting of vaporisers onto the anaesthesia system backbars.
The interlocking feature of the Selectatec-type backbar is one such device.
Anchor Distilling is also repackaging its American-style dry gin Junipero for better visibility on retail shelves and backbars.
Using an archived 19th century recipe, this version is triple distilled from a malt wine of rye, wheat and corn, blended with juniper, hops, cloves, anise, licorice, ginger and other botanicals, and aged in French Limousin oak casks for a minimum of 18 months; the gray earthenware bottle is eye-catching on retail shelves and backbars.
But given the category's current momentum and glimmers of a gradually brightening economic picture, it seems likely that vodka's reign will continue, with ever more new brands, new expressions and new flavors to fill retail shelves and restaurant backbars.
Concerns about retail-shelf real estate or backbar crowding hasn't stemmed the flow of new additions to the vodka realm.