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, summersault
a. a forward roll in which the head is placed on the ground and the trunk and legs are turned over it
b. a similar roll in a backward direction
2. an acrobatic feat in which either of these rolls are performed in midair, as in diving or gymnastics



a circus stunt and one of the most common elements of floor acrobatics and gymnastics. A somersault is a jump in which the heels are turned over the head as the body rotates in the air; it is executed without support. There are forward, backward, and side somersaults. Somersaults may also be classified as single or double.

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The game was developed by Fat Pebble and is published by Backflip Studios in partnership with Hasbro, Inc.
He said, 'You are lifting on my birthday so I expect a backflip from you as a way of saying happy birthday'.
8220;With Midaire's BackFlip product, the customer gets cost effective service without having to purchase any new telephones or equipment, learn a new the intricacies of a new telephone system, or even change the way that they do business,” cites Michael LeBrun, Midaire LLC senior partner.
To view Jed's history-making triple backflip online click on the following link:
Backflips were once considered impossible, but now are performed by the experts with numerous variations and twists.
An animated version of the broadcasting veteran will do backflips and a range of other skate stunts in the hit show next week.
Patrick Fraser, director of sales at AT&T Mobility Alaska, says AT&T is excited about adding the Backflip to its portfolio.
Now, BackFlip users have a strong managerial tool to help them remain hands on with the process and track it to completion.
I'm just so happy that we won this thing," Edwards said after doing his traditional victory backflip off his car.
The Swiss FMX star pulled a Backflip Superman Indy over the quarterpipe on his last run of the evening.
At the 2006 X Games, Travis Pastrana became the first motocross rider to launch his dirt bike into a successful double backflip.
Though the footage was viewed only briefly under the trees at the raging Boost-sponsored Pink Motel party, early reports have Harmony slaying the Gilley kinker, Tommy lipsliding a 17 naked, Rattray landing the 540, Cole making a backflip, Drew frontside flipping 14, Greco ollieing 20, Paul Trep landing the Mariano dream, and Chet catching the blunt frontside flip like he never left the Bones Brigade summer tour.