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Industry insiders pointed out that Lextar now is still a relative-smaller player and AUO purchases most of its needed LED chips used in panel backlights from local and Japanese suppliers.
8 million units in 2013, DisplaySearch said, when LED backlights would be used in 54.
Typical applications for such OLED products are illuminated touch panels for ovens, interior lighting for automotive applications, as well as orientation lights or backlights for small- to medium-size LCD's.
A TV lineup that includes 70" DLP model with 1080p resolution, LCD model with LED backlight, and super-slim Braun tube model
Wellypower executives pointed out that the company had begun supplying LED backlights for notebooks since last quarter and projected six to eight out of 10 notebooks to use LED backlights sometime in the second half this year.
The company indicated that orders for LED backlights for displays panels and for LED lighting have also fueled growth recently, allowing it to achieve record highs in sales for two consecutive months.
Not only do LED backlights offer increased battery life for notebooks, they can enable much thinner displays - and innovative new thinking about product design.
The organization estimated many CCFL-module makers may phase out of backlight market in 2012 in response to growing market penetration of LED backlights.
We have been engaged in efforts to develop LED backlights for televisions for several years because this represents a very large and attractive market for our backlight products.
According to DisplaySearch, currently, LED backlights are used in all small/medium LCDs, and LED penetration in mobile PCs is nearly 100%.
Forward looking statements are statements that are not historical facts including statements about our beliefs and expectations that (i) the first order for CCFL backlights based on Diguang's proprietary designs demonstrates its strong competitive position and (ii) Diguang will procure additional orders for new larger-screen backlight products in the near future.
This report provides a forecast for the period 2008-2010 for worldwide shipment volume of large-sized display panels equipped with LED backlights