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Power Mac G4 500 MHz with 1MB level 2 backside cache contains 256MB of SDRAM, ATI RAGE 128 Pro AGP 2X with 16MB video SDRAM, a 27GB Ultra ATA/66 hard drive, DVD-RAM drive with DVD-Video playback, a ZIP drive, FireWire and USB ports and 10/100BASE-T Ethernet.
Power Mac G4 450 MHz: With a suggested retail price of US$3,499, the Power Mac G4 450 MHz contains 256MB SDRAM, 1MB level 2 backside cache, RAGE 128 AGP 2X with 16MB Video SDRAM, a 27GB Ultra ATA hard drive, DVD-RAM drive, a ZIP drive, FireWire and USB ports, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet and a built-in V.
The MAXpowr G3 466MHz/1MB/233MHz card contains a 466MHz G3 processor combined with 1MB of backside cache running on a cache bus of 233MHz for a 2:1 ratio.
In addition to the next generation PowerPC G3 processor running at 266 MHz with backside cache, key new features of the Splash DC Series v3.
The MAXpowr G3-L2E upgrade features a 300MHz G3 processor with 512K backside cache running on a 150MHz cache bus.
Designed with the PowerPC 750 processor chip, the PowerCPU G3 250MHz includes 512K backside cache while the PowerCPU G3 300MHz includes 1MB backside cache.
Users simply swap out the installed PowerPC 604 processor with the MAXpowr G3 card which runs at 250 MHz and features a full 1 MB of backside cache running at 166 MHz.