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The IRS published its approval of this position in its FAQs, where the Service also pointed out that, if the audit scope is expanded, the agent might request a backup file created before the file was condensed or a copy of the archive file created during the condensing process.
By publishing the content of backup files directly to ESX hosts, Veeam eliminates the need to extract backup files, and the time and storage required to do so.
When choosing Recover from iTunes Backup File mode, users are able to extract the iTunes Backup File for all iOS devices, including the new iPhone 5S/5C and iPad mini 2/iPad Air.
Having to copy a backup file to a different server and then restore it is a pain.
Fone can also directly scan certain iOS devices at the hardware level and recover data from them in the case the iTunes backup file does not contain the desired data.
Fone allows individual pieces of content within the iOS 6 iTunes backup file to be recovered, with a full preview beforehand.
With "Restore" Wizard, the user selects the backup file to be restored from the CD, the destination drive partition--and it does the rest.
Also, users can delete unwanted messages in the backup file.
Typical implementations have a dedicated backup file server that mounts copies of the "live" file systems in order to perform zero-impact backups during operations.
In addition to these new optimization capabilities, the PatchPoint System now offers new features to ensure a seamless integration into enterprise networks, including: policy-based forwarding -- to deploy PatchPoint in virtually any network deployment; failover configuration -- two PatchPoint Gateways may now be paired, identically configured and managed in parallel or serial network topologies, to provide redundancy and ensure 100% PatchPoint Gateway availability; proxy support -- PatchPoint now supports the download of inline patches as well as system software image updates in environments where a proxy server must be used for all Internet traffic; and scheduled backups of the entire system (hourly to monthly) to a backup file system located anywhere on the network.
If the backup file requests were to continue, the OS itself could quickly overburden the CPU, the network cable, and the storage subsystem.
the world's largest operator of office superstores, announced an increase in printing and copying capabilities at all its 800 locations, because it expects a "larger demand by smaller businesses" due to Y2K backup file printing, as well as good year-end record-keeping practices.