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see septicemiasepticemia
, invasion of the bloodstream by virulent bacteria that multiply and discharge their toxic products. The disorder, which is serious and sometimes fatal, is commonly known as blood poisoning.
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the presence of bacteria in the blood. Bacteria enter the blood of man and animals through injuries of the skin and mucous membranes, and also when there are pathological changes in the lymph nodes, vascular system, and so on. Bacteremia accompanies many infectious diseases, such as leptospirosis, typhus, relapsing fever, and tularemia; it is especially characteristic of intestinal infections—typhoid, paratyphoid, and other salmonelloses; brucellosis, and others—in which it causes generalization of the pathologic process. Bacteremia is most intensely expressed during the acute (generalized) period of a disease. Bacteremia develops under the action of medium and large doses of ionizing radiation as a result of disruption of natural immunity. There is a decrease in the production of antibodies, a decrease in the number of leukocytes and of their phagocytic activity, and also changes in the permeability of tissue barriers and a number of other factors. Bacteremia is a characteristic complication of radiation sickness. As the organism overwhelms the disease (activation of the phagocytic function of the leukocytes, accumulation of antibodies, and so on), bacteremia decreases to the point of complete disappearance.


Presence of bacteria in the blood.
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However, no single published study of those included in this meta-analysis would have had a sufficient number of bacteremic patients to examine this question specifically.
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Invasive manifestations of the disease include bacteremic pneumonia (lung infection with bacteria in the blood), bacteremia (bacteria in the blood) and meningitis (infection of the tissues surrounding the brain and spinal cord).
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Studies have shown a triphasic progression to bacterial meningitis: from a nonspecific illness phase to a bacteremic phase to finally bacteremic seeding of the CNS and the meningitic phase (3).
Altogether, the discussion above reveals important differences on the virulence repertoire of bacteremic E.
A planned secondary analysis revealed that 100% (15/15) of animals dosed with ETI-204 before becoming bacteremic (having evidence of bacteria in the blood stream) survived, and 30% (8/27) of animals dosed with ETI-204 after becoming bacteremic survived.
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