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Inhibition of bacterial growth and metabolism.



complete inhibition of growth and propagation of bacteria; caused by unfavorable physical or chemical factors or by the absence of necessary conditions for their growth (moisture, temperature, pH of the medium, and so on). In these circumstances the metabolic processes of microbial cells are disrupted. When the effect of bacteriostatic factors ceases, growth and propagation of bacterial cells are resumed; if their effect is prolonged, the bacteria are destroyed. During bacteriostasis bacterial cultures usually lose their viability and stop producing toxic substances. The beneficial effect of chemotherapeutic medications used in both human and veterinary medicine is based on this phenomenon. Bacteriostasis may be caused by a great variety of bacteriostatic substances. Among the physical factors that cause bacteriostasis are radiation, low temperatures, and high osmotic pressure.


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It will not shrink, stretch, or curl, and is permanently treated with a bacteriostat and fungicide.
INORGANIC The specific structure controls slow release of Silver ions: -- Non-toxic -- Long life -- Slow migration High heat resistant -- up to 800 degrees C Prevents discoloration Highly effective & stable -- Does not vaporize nor decompose FDA approved Bactericide -- kills bacteria ORGANIC Highly volatile: -- Toxic (can cause irritation to eyes and skin) -- Short life -- Fast migration Low heat resistant -- less than 300 degrees C High Yellowness Index Thermal degradation may occur during molding Not FDA approved Bacteriostat -- inhibits growth of bacteria
Some of their floorings even contain a bacteriostat to ensure enhanced protection.
Chocflex is permanently treated with a bacteriostat and fungicide.