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Pol. Łuck, city (1989 pop. 198,000), capital of Volyn region (see Volhynia), Ukraine, a port on the Styr River. Its industries produce scientific instruments, food products, and textiles.
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, Ukraine.
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Irony alert: most people who think black cats are bad luck have black hair.
The other nine cancer types had incidents higher than predicted by "bad luck" and were presumably due to a combination of bad luck plus environmental or inherited factors.
However, many forms of cancer are due largely to the bad luck of acquiring a mutation in a cancer-driver gene regardless of lifestyle and heredity factors.
Dr Emma Smith, of Cancer Research UK, said: "While some genetic mistakes are due to bad luck, we know that our cancer risk depends on a combination of our genes, our environment and other aspects of our lives, many of which we can control.
However, participants who had bad luck in the first round and washed their hands afterward bet a lot more money in the second round than those who did not wash their hands.
With all the issues down to the team and not the driver, Whitmarsh said: "Jenson's had some bad luck in the last couple of races.
He said: "People keep saying it's bad luck but it's up to us to change that and we have to be more ruthless in front of goal.
The tower's management said the wooden footwear show would cause bad luck, because the Cantonese word for shoes--hai--sounds similar to a sigh of exasperation.
Friday the 13th is considered a day of bad luck in English, French and Portuguese-speaking countries around the world, as well as in Scandinavian countries.
Sue Wilkowski's THE BAD LUCK CHAIR (9780525477945, $15.
PAUL COLLINGWOOD was left to rue the bad luck which derailed Michael Vaughan's brilliant century and left them staring at defeat to India.
DURHAM'S Paul Collingwood was left ruing the bad luck which derailed Michael Vaughan's brilliant 17th Test hundred and left the side staring at defeat to India at Trent Br idge.