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/nee'wis/, /n[y]oo'is/ or /n[y]ooz/ Network extensible Window System.

Many hackers insist on the two-syllable pronunciations above as a way of distinguishing NeWS from news (the netnews software).




(1) See Usenet and syndication format.

(2) (NeWS) (Network Extensible Windowing Support) A networked windowing system (similar to X Windows) from Sun that renders PostScript fonts on screen the way they print on a PostScript printer.
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It's to stop drip, drip of bad news on devastating impact of policies DR PEEDELL ON MONTHLY RELEASE OF NHS FIGURES
After each chunk of bad news, accept the emotion that follows.
in psychology in October, and Sweeny, assistant professor of psychology, said that the difficulty of delivering bad news has inspired extensive popular media articles that prescribe 'best' practices for giving bad news, but these prescriptions remain largely anecdotal rather than empirically based.
When Bad News takes time off work to go to the races, you just know something will go wrong.
The first step in breaking bad news is advance preparation for the meeting with the patient and family.
Knowledge: Give patients a few seconds' warning that bad news is coming by prefacing the news with statements such as "Unfortunately, I have some bad news to share" or "I'm sorry, I have some serious news to tell you.
BAD NEWS No 3: In today's Sunday Mercury we reveal how benefit cheat Marie Boswell swindled the state out of more than pounds 30,000.
In breaking the bad news, his boss had made the mistake of trying to keep the atmosphere light and conversational.
Bad News agreed, and added that financial gluttony was probably in the eye of the beholder.
While these types of intense negative responses to receiving bad news are commonplace, the response of each parent is unique.
The bad news is that diagnosis is based on the sliding Gary Busey scale.