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1. any of various measures of quantity, such as a bag containing 1 hundredweight of coal
2. any pouch or sac forming part of the body of an animal, esp the udder of a cow
3. Hunting the quantity of quarry taken in a single hunting trip or by a single hunter

What does it mean when you dream about a bag?

Bags can carry connotations of secrecy, particularly sexual secrets (bags can symbolize wombs). Placing something in a bag or similar receptacle may represent something unpleasant we wish to avoid, so a bag dream could indicate the repression of awareness. Bags can also hold gifts and nourishment (grocery bags), and represent our hopes, wishes and plans. The key to determining which of these meanings apply is the emotional tenor of the dream. (See also Basket, Sack).


A flexible cover used in bag molding.
A container made of paper, plastic, or cloth without rigid walls to transport or store material.

bag, sack

A quantity of portland cement: 94 lb in the United States, 87.5 lb in Canada, 112 lb (50.8 kg) in the United Kingdom, and 50 kg in most countries using the metric system.
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The amount of garbage they saw varied from less than a bagful to so much it would fill several pickup trucks.
The 30-year-old top marksman in the Bundesliga, who's moving from Werder Bremen to Schalke in the summer has abandoned his dream of playing for Germany for a Qatari passport and a bagful of dosh.
Mild to medium long green chilies, used for rellenos, are sold by the (big) bagful.
Paperbacks are just 50 cents, hardbacks are only $1 each or purchase a bagful of books for just $7.
To enhance the car's sporty feel, the company used a bagful of clever strategies, such as maintaining Porsche's traditional interior taper so that it's slimmer m the back than the front, while keeping an even distribution of weight.
A BAGFUL of theatre treats is being unwrapped by Coventry's Belgrade Theatre over Christmas.
I carried my eight or ten Posts in a Post bag, slung over my shoulder, and went to pool halls, bowling alleys, and rode the trolleys selling my bagful of Posts for five cents each.
Harring is a sultry, sad question mark of a woman who has suffered amnesia in a limo crash, stumbling into Betty's place with a bagful of cash but not a clue who she is or how she came upon it.
If you find yourself snarfing Doritos by the bagful, sleeping the day away, or feeling generally listless and in a rut, it's time to work your veg-out vibe in a new way.
Hasn''t he ran in a bagful of tries himself and created a load more with his brilliant distribution?
Love him or love himself, KP can be relied on for two things - a bagful of runs and a detailed description of how skilfully he acquired them.
We missed a bagful of chances in the first half - we should have been four or five ahead," said Evans.