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A significant question remains as to whether the bank, as bailee, can (or ought to be able to) "transfer", "dispose" or "destroy" UCB samples in accordance with contractual terms.
party entitled to possession, if not a bailee by way of loan.
In general, a modern-day bailment can be defined as the relationship created by the transfer of delivery of possession of personal property only (not real property) without transfer of title, by one person called the bailor to another called the bailee for the accomplishment of a certain purpose, after which the property is to be returned by the bailee to the bailor or dispersed of according to the bailor's directions.
After a sentence such as "In a bailment for the benefit of the bailor, the bailee is gratuitously possessing the property and is required only to use prudent care", the reader is provided with an illustrative example in easily understood terms.
Bailee Carroll and Erica Skelton each had one hit and one RBI for Pleasant Hill (22-6), which is at fourth-seeded Taft on Friday.
8220;The Christmas Dragon” is a production of Arrowstorm Entertainment and stars Bailee Johnson (“127 Hours”), Jake Stormoen (“Mythica”), Melanie Stone (“Survivor”), Ruby Jones, Paris Warner, David De Villiers, Jacob Buster, Adam Johnson (“Veronica Mars,” “Dexter”), and Eve Mauro (“The Shadow Cabal”).
Claus; Tiffani Thiessen as Chelsea; Max Charles as Kevin; Josh Hopkins as Ryan; and Bailee Madison as a mysterious elf, Clementine.
Rice girls were Jenna Banks Cannon, Lily Miller Gaston, Bailee Ayden Goodson, Hannah Marie James, Havee Reece Johnson, and Ada Ansley Mitchell.
BAILEE MADISON Bailee's back The Wizards of Waverly Place cutie hits a theater near you Dec.
Bailee, a 14 month-old terrier, arrived with Sue Sandagon and her grandson, Alex Cramm, both from Gardner, to receive her blessing among many other animals on Saturday.
Ready to turn 12 next week, Bailee Madison does a good job of balancing Sally's natural apprehension with overriding inquisitiveness.
The film stars actors Guy Pearce, Katie Holmes and 11-year-old Bailee Madison.