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Definition 2: The height difference of any one node in the tree or subtree is not greater than 1, so that the tree is a balanced tree.
This results in a balanced tree construction, in which none of the nodes are overburdened.
A more balanced tree will reduce the expected travel cost, but how can the structure be rebalanced without losing clustering information?
If the tree is not a leaner, it may be possible to use the felling cuts to bring it down where you want it--but don't bet the farm on it; if you cut wood long enough, eventually an apparently straight, well balanced tree will surprise you.
Next, we give a method that allows obtaining a partially balanced tree in weight P of FO formula [phi].
Given an unbalanced tree T, we construct a balanced tree T' from T.
I ranges from zero for a perfectly balanced tree to one for a perfectly imbalanced tree [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Balanced tree algorithms rearrange the tree as operations are performed to maintain certain balance conditions and assure good performance.
Because there is more than one way to make the same balanced tree, the Markov model predicts a relatively high proportion of balanced trees.
The global strategies produce either a perfectly balanced tree [2, 3, 9] or a route balanced tree [4, 11] (i.
One can guarantee an O(log n) worst-case retrieval time by using a balanced tree.
While he did not propose R as a measure of shape, it has the property that a completely pectinate tree has the smallest possible value (= 1) while the most balanced tree receives the largest possible value (equal to the number of tree topologies possible for that value of n).