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Switzerland: see BaselBasel
or Basle
, Fr. Bâle, canton, N Switzerland, bordering on France and Germany. It is bounded in the N by the Rhine River (which becomes navigable in the canton) and in the S by the Jura Mts.
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a large packing measure for textile raw materials such as cotton, wool, and rags, in the shape of a four-sided prism or (less often) a cylinder. The material to be baled is compressed in mechanical and hydraulic presses to reduce the cost of transportation and to protect against dust and moisture. A bale of cotton 0.3–0.59 eu m in size weighs 120–220 kg. The bale is sheathed in packaging fabric and held together with wire hoops.


(industrial engineering)
A large package of material, pressed tightly together, tied with rope, wire, or hoops and usually covered with wrapping.
The amount of material in a bale; sometimes used as a unit of measure, as 500 pounds (227 kilograms) of cotton in the United States.


1. US 500 pounds of cotton
2. a group of turtles
3. Austral and NZ See wool bale
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4) While they have added to our knowledge about Askew and produced notable insights, most of these recent studies have been marked by a certain critical imbalance: they have emphasized Askew herself, as a heroine and as an author, while neglecting the role of her early editors, Bale and Foxe.
If a front-end loader must be used to transport a bale on sloped terrain, the bale should be kept on the up-slope end of the tractor with the loader bucket maintained in the lowest possible position.
I like to feed three bales in the same place if the weather hasn't been so damp the animals are creating a swamp around the ring.
In Tucson, Arizona, a more detailed study is currently underway to examine the results of tests that showed that one single bale could withstand a load of 10,000 pounds per square foot.
has been recycling bale wrap for two and a half years, making it the oldest in the business.
Giggs 9 Bale 8 GOALS: Giggs regularly found the net for United, but his tally of 12 goals in 64 Wales appearances pales in comparison to Bale's of 17 strikes in 50 internationals.
He wants bales that are dense, a convenient size for his trucks and that don't fall apart.
A picture of the machine shows a wagon, mounted with a small gas engine running a vacuum pump, an overhead cable conveyor and two large, galvanized steel tanks, each holding about 30 bales.
Through his comparison of Askew to Blandina, Bale proceeds with a point by point, descriptive inventory of the attributes that make up the female version of the holy Christian saint and martyr.
Bale was always good at this, but in the last year he has taken his aerial prowess to new heights.
My cousin wore gloves, but I found I could lift, handle, carry and place bales more easily by just holding that wooden handle in my bare hands.
Bale and the entire Hotspur squad arrived at Heathrow Terminal 5 and reporters immediately noticed the cold atmosphere surrounding the group.