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Switzerland: see BaselBasel
or Basle
, Fr. Bâle, canton, N Switzerland, bordering on France and Germany. It is bounded in the N by the Rhine River (which becomes navigable in the canton) and in the S by the Jura Mts.
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a large packing measure for textile raw materials such as cotton, wool, and rags, in the shape of a four-sided prism or (less often) a cylinder. The material to be baled is compressed in mechanical and hydraulic presses to reduce the cost of transportation and to protect against dust and moisture. A bale of cotton 0.3–0.59 eu m in size weighs 120–220 kg. The bale is sheathed in packaging fabric and held together with wire hoops.


(industrial engineering)
A large package of material, pressed tightly together, tied with rope, wire, or hoops and usually covered with wrapping.
The amount of material in a bale; sometimes used as a unit of measure, as 500 pounds (227 kilograms) of cotton in the United States.


1. US 500 pounds of cotton
2. a group of turtles
3. Austral and NZ See wool bale
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Recyclers should give special care to the material type and size to be baled when specifying their balers.
Manufacturers are also seeing a boom in the types of materials being baled, including plastic, wet pulp and carpet padding.
The end result is a sizable contingent of balers on the job at grocery stores, big box retailers and other store locations throughout North America, generating a steady stream of baled OCC and helping provide a reliable supply of recovered fiber for paper mills throughout the world.
When that amount of wire is holding in a bale of plastic, the cost of the wire may exceed the value of the product that is baled," he remarks.
With the aid of a forklift and driver, a variety of different grades can be baled in a single shift, including old newspapers (ONP), old corrugated containers (OCC), used beverage cans (UBCs), steel cans, PET and HDPE plastic bottles and sometimes mixed paper and other mixed plastics.
An index maintained by the Corporations Supporting Recycling, Toronto, shows baled PET prices plunging in the second half of 2001, falling from an indexed number of 355 in July of 2001 all the way down to 110 in February of 2002.
Information such as bale count by material, average bale weight, total tons baled, total bales per hour, power consumption (cost), total wire consumption (cost), total production time, non accountable downtime, accountable downtime, total downtime (cost), total hours (cost), and total tons per hour are collected and downloaded into a spreadsheet that can be printed out at a printing station linked to a standard office computing configuration.
The receiving dock in Berea accepts cans from most of America's 50 states, where recyclers have collected, sorted and baled UBCs at county material recovery facilities, rural collection centers, small retail yards and large scrap facilities.