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The transaction includes the ball clay, kaolin and feldspar operations of Hecla, and is expected to close during the first week of April, subject to regulatory approval.
Slip A (%): Kaolin 58, ball clay 25, lithium carbonate 8,5, titanium oxide 8,5.
We can realize a larger return overall by selling the feldspar segment separate from the ball clay and kaolin divisions.
Hecla is proceeding with efforts to sell its industrial minerals subsidiary, Kentucky-Tennessee Clay Company, which is a ball clay, kaolin and feldspar producer.
The subsidiary company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and has ball clay, kaolin and feldspar operations in Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Mississippi and Mexico.
Tenders are invited for Excavation/Loading And Transporting Of Silica Sand And Ball Clay From Inside Mines To Old Ground Storage Bunkerarea In Mine-Ii
In the early 1990s the American ceramic artist Bob Shay visited Denmark and delivered a workshop, organized by the Clay Today group, where he introduced his method of working with a mixture of ball clay and Perlite (an amorphous volcanic glass).
Responding to the needs of our customers, we have also become a major producer of feldspar, dolomite, southern bentonite, ball clay, kaolin, and blended mineral products.
There is a recipe for it in a book of 1789, and reads, "20 blue ball clay, 5 calcined carr, 1.
WRAP is also contributing around $541,000 to a new plant being built by WBB Minerals, which will process ball clay waste into fine aggregate.