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1. a female ballet dancer
2. US the principal female dancer of a ballet company



a female dancer in a ballet troupe. The term was first used in the second half of the 19th century after the triumphant performances of Italian virtuoso dancers. In prerevolutionary Russia the title of ballerina was bestowed on leading female dancers of the imperial ballet troupe; a ballerina received a certain salary and performed certain roles. Today it is customary to apply the term ballerina to all female ballet dancers.


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Our winner and their guardian will get to see where the Queen lives and meet petite dance idol Angelina Ballerina herself.
Irina Baronova, one of the baby ballerinas, now eighty-six, was happily writing her memoirs; Tatiana Riabouchinska, also a baby ballerina, taught at a dance studio in LA at age eighty-three.
The renewed emphasis on body conditioning, utilizing techniques such as Pilates, has also extended careers for ballerinas who once retired in their mid- to late 30s due to injuries.
Over 186 styles will be available to customers at the store including 93 from the Summer '11 collection and 93 from the Winter '11 collection to celebrate the 93 years the brand has been making ballerinas by hand on the same Mediterranean island.
For his inspiration, Carter, who throws around some fierce technique, drew from ballerinas as different as the Kirov's Olga Chenchikova and Dance Theatre of Harlem's Virginia Johnson.
Photo: (1) Costume designer Bob Mackie gets a hug from ballerina Linda Jackson at the ``Blue Suede Shoes'' premiere.
While in the corps he has been dancing featured roles and partnering top ballerinas.
Later comes the two-armed overhead press, from which the ballerina is dropped within inches of the floor, caught in what is known as a ``fish'' position.
And ABT's Kolpakova says, "Kitri's persona is so clear, the ballerina can dance the fan variation in full character without a problem.
Eva Evdokimova's illustrious career is filled with firsts: the first American to win an international ballet competition, the first foreign ballerina accepted into the Royal Danish Ballet, the first American to perform with the Kirav Ballet, the first American to perform in Peking after the Cultural Revolution, the first American to be awarded the title of "prima ballerina assoluta" abroad, and the first American recipient of the Ulanava Prize in Moscow.
When Helena Pokorny left her Thousand Oaks home in January, she had dreams of becoming a ballerina with the Czechoslovakia company where her parents met.
It was he who smoothed the way for an interview (one of the last) with the notoriously reticent ballerina Dame Alicia Markova, then in her late 80s (see "Transitions," March 2005).