balloon angioplasty

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balloon angioplasty:

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, any surgical repair of a blood vessel, especially balloon angioplasty or percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty, a treatment of coronary artery disease.
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Angioslide is the developer of the unique Angioslide eXtra(TM) angioplasty balloon catheter that provides dual functionality in a single device offering balloon angioplasty with embolic protection.
In conclusion, we presented an 11 months old patient with acute modified Blalock-Taussig shunt occlusion, who was successfully treated with balloon angioplasty and intraarterial streptokinase.
Hospitals that commit to treating heart attacks with balloon angioplasty should perform it in a timely fashion.
ECG revealed a membranous aortic coarctation, which was treated with balloon angioplasty.
Rosenberg of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, used antisense to prevent arterial thickening among rats whose neck arteries had been reamed by balloon angioplasty Rosenberg, who also holds a post at the Harvard Medical School's Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, and his colleagues report their results in the Sept.
We have already worked with Japan Lifeline in marketing our balloon angioplasty catheters in Japan, and so we are familiar with Japan Lifeline's medical distribution network and its record of meeting the needs of the market for medical devices in Japan.
The technique, called balloon angioplasty, normally involves threading a catheter containing a tiny, uninflated balloon into a constricted vessel, then briefly inflating the balloon to compress accumulating deposits against the vessel walls.
The first successful balloon angioplasty of the Renal Artery was performed by Andreas Gruntzig in 1976 and over a decade of experience with Renal Artery Stenting (RAS) has demonstrated that stents can have the same benefits on acute revascularization of the Renal Arteries, as they do in virtually all other circulations.
Contract notice: Open international competition framework agreement for the supply of intent and intracoronary balloon angioplasty gcs 15/2012
The Beta-Cath system is intended to be used immediately following a balloon angioplasty procedure.
Why some people feel intense pain during balloon angioplasty, for example, and others have no discomfort at all is a mystery that to my view, no one has yet been able to explain.
Balloon angioplasty, an expensive and invasive blood-vessel-opening procedure often performed within the first two days after a heart attack, appears in many cases to provide no clinical benefits over a more conservative strategy of "watchful waiting," according to a large, 24-center study released this week.