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Three separate instruments record, on the revolving drum, temperature, pressure, and humidity at the various altitudes, while a fourth (at bottom) marks time interval on the edge of the sheet.
The pilot of an aerostat, especially of a balloon. Also called a balloonist.
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Rob Schantz of Jacksonville, Florida, who heads one of the country's few balloon insurance agencies, said no balloonists had asked if the activity could be covered under their policies.
Cluster balloonists stay safe by using special, strong balloons; they calculate how much weight their balloons can lift; they closely monitor how high they fly and drop ballast to go higher or pop balloons to go lower if necessary.
The veteran balloonist set a record of 50 hours and 38 minutes in the air after leaving Calgary in Canada and landing in the tiny town of Jordan in the US state of Montana in 1997.
Extremely jealous of other balloonists who offered their services to the Union army, he refused to cooperate with any of them.
For 200 years, balloonists have dropped sand to make up for the loss of lift.
American balloonist Kevin Uliassi left Yangon on Sunday night for Bangkok, on his way home after making an emergency landing in Myanmar and aborting his planned solo around-the-world flight.
But Wood's Australian memories aren't the most vivid among the 22 years he's spent as Arkansas' second most experienced balloonist.
Balloonist Richard Branson will admit today that angry Scots customers on his Virgin train service have taken the hot air out of his sales.
My friend Bill Grabb owned a one-man hot air balloon, and matched me with a balloonist friend whose wicker gondola carried two.
But the young balloonist is quick to point out, "There are fewer accidents in ballooning than there are when people just walk around on the street.