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Three separate instruments record, on the revolving drum, temperature, pressure, and humidity at the various altitudes, while a fourth (at bottom) marks time interval on the edge of the sheet.
The pilot of an aerostat, especially of a balloon. Also called a balloonist.
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Few balloonists have risked a whirl around the globe.
However,America's Federal Aviation Administration was investigating yesterday whether the balloonist, who has a British licence, was issued with a US licence for the flight,and whether he was in restricted airspace.
Eleven balloonists again participated in the second race in 1974, and entries increased to 19 the next year.
Co-author of Around the World in 20 Days, Jones speaks from the vantage point of a balloonist, combining his years of adventure experience with his business knowledge.
Balloonist Phil Hossack, of Wiltshire-based Skypower, said: ``The ballooning community have shown a great deal of interest in the event already.
In the Britannic Challenge, sponsored by the West Midlands company, Hempleman-Adams will be attempting to become the first balloonist to cross the Arctic Ocean and reach the North Pole.
ROUND-THE-WORLD balloonist Brian Jones described his award of the OBE as "absolutely fantastic".
POOR weather in Italy yesterday prevented a British woman attempting to set a new world altitude record for a female balloonist.
It seemed a backward step, but ardent balloonist Don was passionate about his product.
Bertrand Piccard, a Swiss psychiatrist, and Brian Jones, a British balloonist - radioed a message to their ground crew headquarters at Geneva Airport that for the first time during their 19 days aloft, they had begun to relax.
The gathering included several hoteliers from Italy, the Caribbean, and unique tour operators such as the famous balloonist, Buddy Bombard, all participants in webnetravel.
STRONG winds stopped balloonist Steve Fossett landing in Australia yesterday just hours after he had to fight an on-board fire.