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name for any balsambalsam
, fragrant resin obtained from various trees. The true balsams are semisolid and insoluble in water, but they are soluble in alcohol and partly so in hydrocarbons.
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 resin and for several plants, e.g., the bee balmbee balm,
name for several herbs, especially Melissa officinalis and Monarda didyma, both typical perennials of the family Labiatae (mint family) named for their fragrance, attractive to bees and hummingbirds. Melissa [Gr.
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A concave cliff or precipice that forms a shelter.
A soothing or healing medication.


1. any of various oily aromatic resinous substances obtained from certain tropical trees and used for healing and soothing
2. any plant yielding such a substance, esp the balm of Gilead
3. an aromatic Eurasian herbaceous plant, Melissa officinalis, having clusters of small fragrant white two-lipped flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
4. any aromatic or oily substance used for healing or soothing


(Block And List Manipulation) An extensible language, developed by Malcolm Harrison in 1970, with LISP-like features and ALGOL-like syntax, for CDC 6600.

["The Balm Programming Language", Malcolm Harrison, Courant Inst, May 1973].
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When I gave a lip balm containing vitamin C to one of my friends, she could feel the difference immediately.
Note: Containers suitable for lip balms can be found at drug stores, dollar stores, and craft stores, or you can peruse the Internet for snap-lid containers.
SymphonyIRI puts total lip balm and cold sore medication sales at $808 million, up nearly 10 percent for the period tracked.
shows drug store sales of lip balms and cold sore medications during the 12 weeks ended August 7 soared by 9.
Salman and Arbaaz don't need to use a balm brand to make their film a hit," trade analyst Taran Adarsh said.
And he said Burner Balm attempted to capitalise on the slimming properties associated with two of its key ingredients - green tea and hoodia extract, which is believed to be an appetite suppressant.
30 THIS is described as a lightweight conditioning balm and is packed with goodies like almond oil, shea butter, avocado extract, and vitamins A and E, not to mention an SPF 15.
Some northern European forms of lemon balm are high in citronellal, a compound which mimics the well-known herbal repellent citronella oil," says Arthur Tucker, an ethnobotanist at Delaware State University.
Animal studies of lemon balm have produced impressive results with regard to stress reduction.
Native to the Middle East, lemon balm traveled through all of Europe.
For a gift that keeps on giving, try the Kama Sutra Earthly Delights Gift Tin ($65), packed with all the essentials: honey dust, honey almond massage cream, sweet almond massage oil, and pleasure balm.
Today, after 30 million pairs sold, the couple have another little round block-buster on their hands: Ballmania, lip balm in a twist-top container shaped like a ball.