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(bal -ŭn) See feeder.



a device in the antenna-feeder line of a radio transmitter or receiver that matches an unbalanced feeder with a balanced feeder or antenna, or a balanced feeder with an unbalanced antenna. Baluns are principally used at meter and decameter wavelengths.

Figure 1. Baluns: (a) single-section, (b) quarter-wave sleeve, (c) U-bend, (d) coaxial-slot coupling, (e) balun with mismatch compensated; (1) unbalanced line, (2) balanced line, (3) sleeve, (4) half-wave loop, (5) bridge, (6) slot, (7) coaxial transformer, (8) compensating open-ended stub, (9) balanced short-circuited stub; (L) inductance coil, (C) capacitor

At decamenter wavelengths baluns are most often composed of elements that have lumped parameters, such as capacitors, inductance coils, and transformers, and form, for example, single- and multiple-section electric filters (Figure 1,a; see page 26). At meter wavelengths baluns are composed of elements having distributed parameters forming, for example, a quarter-wave sleeve (Figure 1,b), a U-bend (Figure 1,c), or a coaxial-slot coupling (Figure l,d). All such baluns operate in a narrow frequency band; in order to widen the frequency band, various devices, consisting of short-circuited and open-ended stubs, are used to compensate for the mismatch (Figure l,e). Transformer baluns with ferrite cores are often used in feeder lines that carry moderate power (up to 10 kilowatts).


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A device used for matching an unbalanced coaxial transmission line or system to a balanced two-wire line or system. Also known as balanced converter; bazooka; line-balance converter.


A transformer connected between a balanced source or load and an unbalanced source or load. A balanced line has two conductors, with equal currents in opposite directions. The unbalanced line has just one conductor; the current in it returns via a common ground or earth path.


(BALanced UNbalanced) An adapter that connects a balanced line to an unbalanced line such as from XLR to RCA. A balanced line is one in which both wires are electrically equal. In an unbalanced line, such as a coax, one line has different properties from the other. See XLR connector and RCA connector.

This balun might be used to wire RCA outputs on a preamp to XLR inputs on an amplifier. (Image courtesy of CableCreation,

Twisted Pair to BNC
This balun enables a balanced twisted pair of wires to plug into an unbalanced BNC jack. The screw connectors (right) connect the two wires. (Image courtesy of Black Box Corporation,
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The components used for the filter balun were C1005 series capacitors from TDK and LQW15 series inductors from Murata.
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The new miniature baluns will provide reliable connections and impedance matching between balanced and unbalanced 75-ohm coaxial and 120ohm twisted cable.
In this paper, a planar vialess Marchand balun facilitating the fabrication and assembling has been presented and a novel back-to-back measured method has been proposed for saving the cost of balun testing, in which expensive four-port equipment can be substituted by two-port equipment.
The SHM design integrates a miniature spiral type Marchand balun at the LO port, an in-phase coupling network at the RF port, and a lumped element IF matching network along with the balanced HBT pair.
Another of the leading options now available through AAS Technology is their VBP2412DC-50 balun, which is considered to be one of the most durable balun products available on the commercial market.
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Models VB43F and VB43FPD video balun transceiver/combiners send quality video over cables for up to 1,000 feet, eliminating the need for coaxial cable.