bank house

German Colonial architecture

Architecture attributed to German-speaking immigrants to America primarily in the years from about 1680 to 1780. Many of these early settlers first built a log house of hewn square timbers as a temporary home until they could construct more substantial housing. Common characteristics of their permanent houses included: a symmetrical façade, thick stone walls, a steeply pitched end-gabled roof usually covered with wood shingles or clay tiles; an attic story with windows at the gable ends and shed dormers on the roof, a porch at the gable end of the house or at the front of the house; small casement windows with battened shutters, later replaced by double-hung windows. If it was built into a hillside, it was called a bank house. Also see fachwerk, grundscheier, Pennsylvania Dutch, rauchkammer, springhouse.
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Thirty or so so-called "animal lovers," in balaclavas and armed with baseball bats, dropped by the nearby Bank House fly-fishery to intimidate anglers and damage equipment.
The companies have announced that the Teranet - National Bank House Price Index is the first independent representation of the rate of change of Canadian single-family home prices based on the repeat sale methodology.
Miller's cut-price city living Bett will brighten your borders Rooms with a view at Bank House
Cannock-based Rice and Co has relocated from its former home in Bank House, Mill Street, to a new, modern office just a short distance away at Rumer Hill Business Park.
The heated wall in Old Bank House gardens is probably the same age as the building, constructed around 1775.
During the war Mr Barber stayed with Walter Kenyon and his family, of Bank House, Bank Lane.
30pm with registration at the Bank House Club, Newbiggin between 6.
Shaylor Group has been selected to upgrade the Bank House offices
Stafff from Bikeright and Alt Bank House with residents and their new bikes
Premises of Punjab & sind Bank , Bank House , Ground Floor , Rajendra Place , New Delhi 110 008.
Cast Cow leading prices per head: British Friesian - PS863 Bank House, PS849, PS803 Whitehead Hill, Holstein PS929 Panland Farm, PS877, PS853 Musgrave Hall, PS807 Blue Dial Farm Holstein Friesian PS921 Old Church Farm, PS905, PS859 Smalmstown Farm, PS897 Cockleybank, PS885 Crownstone Farm, PS867, PS862 West House Farm, PS861 Tempest Tower, PS836 Wormanby Farm, PS832 Stone House, PS827 Whitecroft Mains, PS822 Skelcies Hall, PS815 Pettril Bank, PS808 Upper Barr.
Bank House has already been partially converted into homes, but even residents there oppose the new plans.