barbados cherry

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barbados cherry:

see acerolaacerola
or barbados cherry,
the edible fruit of Malpighia glabra, of the genera Bunchiosa and Malpighia of the family Malpighiaceae. The fleshy red stone fruits, about the size of a cherry, contain very high amounts of vitamin C and are eaten
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Both are called Barbados cherry and West Indian cherry by various sources that are not always in agreement as to which is which.
Some other healthy and happy plants are olive trees, avocado, black peppercorn, super dwarf Cavendish bananas, Barbados cherry (Acerola), sweet lemon trees, jasmines that bloom all winter, patchouli lea, lemon grass and verbena, tea tree oil (Melaeuca), stevia, tea plant (Camellia Sinensis) and Dragon Fruit (hylocereus undatus).
This Barbados cherry rum infused with Torch Plant Aloe will be available nationwide beginning in April 2010.

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