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, barcarolle
1. a Venetian boat song in a time of six or twelve quaver beats to the bar
2. an instrumental composition resembling this



the original name of the songs of Italian, primarily Venetian, boatmen (gondoliers). Later, any musical work (such as a song, piano piece, or choral piece) associated with boating.

The barcarole is sometimes called a gondola song. The music is usually light, lyric, and dreamy. The tempo is moderate, and the measure is 6/8 or 12/8. The melody of the barcarole is distinguished by its smoothness; elements of musical expressiveness are often used in the accompaniment. The composers of the most famous vocal barcaroles include Schubert and M. I. Glinka. Composers of barcaroles for the piano include Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Rachmaninoff. Barcaroles are also found in several Italian and French operas.


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But Grimaud cunningly used Berio's Wasserklavier, sounding like a Schubert barcarolle recalled in a dream, as the introduction to a 40-minute, applause-free sequence with just a short pause between works.
We are also duly informed that the Chopin Barcarolle is a "remarkably successful" (p.
The accentuated secondary parts are juxtaposed with the intoxicating sound of the dynamically climactic brass plenums; plenty of minor details captivate the listener in the barcarolle serenade of the second movement (the rubato of the flute solo in its conclusion), in the robust furiant of the third movement and the spirited Haydn-like finale.
4, the Chopin Barcarolle, the Copland Variations, the Petri transcription of Bach's "Sheep May Safely Grace," among others.
Then, before the 3rd Sonata, he plays two Nocturnes and a Barcarolle, giving a contrasting programme.
With the exception of a Barcarolle in F sharp major, all of the pieces in the programme where in minor keys - with many modulations of course.
In addition, the Oregon Mozart Players will play Intermezzo from Pieto Mascagni's "Cavalleria Rusticana" and Intermezzo and Barcarolle from Jacques Offenbach's "The Tales of Hoffmann.
In the Chopin her instinct was magical especially in a Nocturne and for sheer control nothing could touch her account of a Barcarolle.
In addition to the Nocturnes, including the posthumous C sharp minor, Arrau adds the Barcarolle in F sharp and the popular Fantaisie in F minor.
The startling prelude, the effervescent ensemble work of the first act, the gigantic sung waltz (Fete polonaise) at the start of the second, the barcarolle and sextette in the third, its witty musical allusions, and its overall brilliance simply cry out for revival.
Musical numbers: "Life Is Happiness Indeed," "The Best of All Possible Worlds," "Universal Good," "Oh Happy We," "It Must Be So," "Candide's Lament," "Dear Boy," "Paris Waltz," "Glitter and Be Gay," "Auto da Fe," "You Were Dead, You Know," "I Am Easily Assimilated," "Quartet Finale," "We Are Women," "My Love," "Alleluia," "Ballad of Eldorado," "Bon Voyage," "It Must Be Me," "Words, Words, Words," "Money, Money, Money, Venice Gavotte," "Nothing More Than This," "What's the Use," "King's Barcarolle," "Make Our Garden Grow.
Joseph Residence - Causeway Heusy 77-4800 Verviers,- Residence Lainire - Rue de Heusy 95-4800 Verviers,- Residence La Barcarolle - Avenue Jean Lambert 99-4801 Stembert,- Children~s home - Rue de Bruxelles 3 in 4800 Verviers,- Children~s home The Squirrels - Avenue Leopold II 12-4800 Verviers.