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/barf/ [mainstream slang for "vomit"] 1. Term of disgust. This is the closest hackish equivalent of the Val\-speak "gag me with a spoon". (Like, euwww!) See bletch.

2. To say "Barf!" or emit some similar expression of disgust. "I showed him my latest hack and he barfed" means only that he complained about it, not that he literally vomited.

3. To fail to work because of unacceptable input, perhaps with a suitable error message, perhaps not. Examples: "The division operation barfs if you try to divide by 0." (That is, the division operation checks for an attempt to divide by zero, and if one is encountered it causes the operation to fail in some unspecified, but generally obvious, manner.) "The text editor barfs if you try to read in a new file before writing out the old one".

See choke, gag.

In Commonwealth Hackish, "barf" is generally replaced by "puke" or "vom". barf is sometimes also used as a metasyntactic variable, like foo or bar.
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Heat victims included Austen Seaholm and Tony Trujillo, who both barfed during their runs, Peter Hewitt, who fried himself in practice and ended up spending his runs up in his room with a bucket of ice on his chest, and Eric Koston, who suffered a severe heat-induced thigh cramp which may have prevented him from taking the top spot in the finals.
Austen Seaholm not only got invited, but barfed mid-run during qualifiers and kept on skating.
Tony T barfed too and had his own display case in the Hard Rock Casino.