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But since their superpowers were so visually extreme, the FF took longer to make it to a big-budget movie than later creations such as Spider-Man, The Hulk and Daredevil (a barely released, bargain-basement FF was shot in 1994).
The dramatic fall in the value of their currency hampered Turkish buyers at Irish sales in November and December-the previous year they hoovered up almost everything at a bargain-basement level.
Magazines like People, Vogue, Life, GQ, Esquire, New York, and Newsweek, as well as American and European newspapers, celebrated that "neo-frontier" as a place where one could find the country's trendiest art and buy it at bargain-basement prices.
The French ace - a bargain-basement buy for pounds 50,000 from Hibs in 2000 - made a premature return in the Scottish Cup win over Rangers on January 9.
While there are a host of units on the market at bargain-basement prices, none offer our plasma technology or match the performance of PlasmaPure," said Don Nordin, product manager for Mitsubishi Electric HVAC.
Classifieds: TechShopper Classifieds, powered by Classifieds2000, features bargain-basement prices on used systems, storage devices and other hardware, as well as software.
to invest $750 million in Global Crossing, subject to a restructuring through bankruptcy which will wipe out the equity of current shareholders, essentially transferring billions of dollars of valuable assets, including a state-of-the-art intercontinental fiber optic network, to those entities at bargain-basement prices ("the Transaction").
Spokesman Nick Bish said: "Supermarkets are selling bargain-basement booze and people are then going out to pubs and clubs full of cheap drink.
A WEALTHY SNP donor was allowed to buy back his failed ski resort at a bargain-basement price after a pounds 10million public debt was wiped, it emerged yesterday.
Before them, it was the ranchers, who wanted and got cheap grazing land, and miners, who got bargain-basement mineral claims.
They also, she said, don't want to see their investments sold for bargain-basement prices to "Sam Zell types", Most institutions, she said, are taking back only what they have to and building reserve for everything else.
The bargain-basement chain finds itself near the basement of the hot stocks list, having lost nearly four percent on the day.