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(both: băr`ĭtōn), male voicevoice,
sound produced by living beings. The source of the sound in human speaking and singing is the vibration of the vocal cords, which are inside the larynx, and the production of the sounds is called phonation.
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, in a lighter and higher range than a bass but lower than a tenor. The term also designates a bass stringed instrument, fretted, with six or seven bowed strings, and up to 20 sympathetic (i.e., unplayed but freely vibrating) strings. Haydn wrote many works for this instrument.



(1) Male voice intermediate between the bass and tenor. The lyric baritone (close in sonority to the dramatic tenor) is distinguished from the dramatic baritone, which is more forceful and stronger (in the lower register it approaches the bass). The range of the baritone goes from the note A of the great octave to the A of the first octave.

(2) A bass string bow instrument similar to the viola bastarda. In addition to the six to seven strings to be played with the bow, this instrument had from seven to 20 or more resonating strings to intensify its sonority. The resonating strings were also played with a pick using the thumb of the left hand. The baritone was widespread in the 18th century, especially in Germany and Austria.

(3) A brass musical instrument reaching an octave below the trumpet and used in brass bands.


1. the second lowest adult male voice, having a range approximately from G an eleventh below middle C to F a fourth above it
2. a singer with such a voice
3. the second lowest instrument in the families of the saxophone, horn, oboe, etc.
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Oportunidad codiciable, asimismo, para escuchar la diafana voz baritonal de Carlos Pellicer (1897-1977).
I've been singing youthful, more baritonal roles for most of my life, but I can't count on them now.
Articulation, particularly in bass forays, was amazingly clear, with the Ax left thumb elsewhere singing a wonderful baritonal line.
But despite his baritonal roots, and occasional doubts over the years that he's a "true" tenor, he's no baritone, and the center of his voice and the center of Verdi's writing just don't match.
In addition he has a wonderfully resourceful baritonal register, quite a rarity in one so young, which he deploys with great richness of effect.
At the same time, my voice has become darker and more baritonal, so we decided the time was right for me to pursue Wagner.
Bocelli's voice has an attractive immediacy, more resonantly baritonal than his illustrious predecessor, the galactic Luciano Pavarotti, his equal in middle-range ardour, and with the capability to release high notes of crowd-pleasing quality (as in 'La Donna e mobile').
And indeed his account was one of great inner tension and desperation, vocal colouring emerging now ardent, now darkly baritonal, and finally pallid as the lovelorn, bitter miller finds eventual rest in the omnipresent stream.
He was convincingly baritonal in the upper regions, but lacking in resonance and carrying-power in the lowest register.
One glimpsed a nobility in Pike's delivery, a heroism defiant to the end; baritonal timbres brought crushed sorrow, and intenser tones conveyed inner mental despair.
There were moments of baritonal resonance in his vocal production, which sometimes made one wonder if he would be able to reach the higher level of his role.
His voice has developed a pleasing tinge of baritonal gravity whilst retaining a youthfully pliant top, all delivered with discreet control and easy charm.