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(both: băr`ĭtōn), male voicevoice,
sound produced by living beings. The source of the sound in human speaking and singing is the vibration of the vocal cords, which are inside the larynx, and the production of the sounds is called phonation.
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, in a lighter and higher range than a bass but lower than a tenor. The term also designates a bass stringed instrument, fretted, with six or seven bowed strings, and up to 20 sympathetic (i.e., unplayed but freely vibrating) strings. Haydn wrote many works for this instrument.



(1) Male voice intermediate between the bass and tenor. The lyric baritone (close in sonority to the dramatic tenor) is distinguished from the dramatic baritone, which is more forceful and stronger (in the lower register it approaches the bass). The range of the baritone goes from the note A of the great octave to the A of the first octave.

(2) A bass string bow instrument similar to the viola bastarda. In addition to the six to seven strings to be played with the bow, this instrument had from seven to 20 or more resonating strings to intensify its sonority. The resonating strings were also played with a pick using the thumb of the left hand. The baritone was widespread in the 18th century, especially in Germany and Austria.

(3) A brass musical instrument reaching an octave below the trumpet and used in brass bands.


1. the second lowest adult male voice, having a range approximately from G an eleventh below middle C to F a fourth above it
2. a singer with such a voice
3. the second lowest instrument in the families of the saxophone, horn, oboe, etc.
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HYO is the brainchild of baritone David Heathcote who was artistic and managing director of Huddersfield-based company Opus 1 Opera.
David John Pike is a promising Canadian baritone, a native of Kingston.
Mattia Battistini (1856-1928) was an Italian operatic baritone, one of the last masters of the bel canto style, who came to enjoy favor with the Imperial family and nobility of Russia.
TRIBUTES have been paid to a renowned baritone soloist who passed away the day after his 92nd birthday.
11 starring soprano Karita Mattila and baritone Juha Uusitalo.
Juan Pons came to singing the seriocomic role of Fra Melitone not by way of the buffo baritone (the usual route) but by way of singing di Lunas and Rigolettos, which gave the character and its vocalism a heft and breadth not usually heard (the hamminess, however, derived from both strains of baritones).
FOR BARITONE Erwin Schrott, who will sing the role of Figaro for the first time in the Los Angeles Opera production of Mozart's ``The Marriage of Figaro'' beginning tonight at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, there couldn't have been a better time to be in Southern California.
Although tenors such as Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli have regularly performed well, the deeper registers of baritones have barely dented the charts.
Making their festival debuts will be guitarist David Tanenbaum, baritone Anthony Turner and pianists Pablo Zinger and Thomas Enman.
Since they were both under contract to the same record company (RCA), it would have made sense for Warren to be the first choice for several of Toscanini's complete opera broadcas ts, but Robert Merrill and Giuseppe Valdengo became his favored baritones.
This is the kind of professional relationship the baritone adores--five weeks of rehearsals and performances away from the international limelight.
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