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He cut Peg Barney as near as might be on the oi that I'd squshed whin we first met.
The non-coms tuk Peg Barney - a howlin' handful he was - an' in three minut's he was pegged out - chin down, tight-dhrawn - on his stummick, a tent-peg to each arm an' leg, swearin' fit to turn a naygur white.
I tuk a peg an'' jammed ut into his ugly jaw - 'Bite on that, Peg Barney,' I sez; 'the night is settin' frosty, an' you'll be wantin' divarsion before the mornin'.
All the draf' was out av their tents watchin' Barney bein' pegged.
sez me orf'cer bhoy, niver losin' his timper; an' the non-coms wint in and pegged out Scrub Greene by the side av Peg Barney.
Twas a chilly night, an' faith, ut sobered Peg Barney.
Scrub Greene wint away widout a word, but Peg Barney, stiff wid the cowld, stud like a sheep, thryin' to make his orf'cer undherstand he was sorry for playin' the goat.
Toward the last, all three made a combined attack on Barney, striving to mount him simultaneously from different slants of approach.
While the white boys threatened to mount Barney from either side and kept his attention engaged, Sam, from outside, in a sudden fit of rage and desperation, made a flying dive across the ropes and from in front locked arms and legs about Barney's neck, tucking his own head close against Barney's head.
It's a corker," Collins announced, as Barney, on his hind legs, striking vainly with his fore, struggled about the ring.
The turn over, Barney gladly accepted the halter and was led out of the square ring and up to the Frenchman.
And Barney was sold, and passed out of the Cedarwild Animal School to the slavery of the spike and to be provocative of much joy and laughter in the pleasure-theatre of the world.