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1. (in Europe from the Middle Ages) originally any tenant-in-chief of a king or other overlord, who held land from his superior by honourable service; a land-holding nobleman
2. a powerful businessman or financier
3. English law (formerly) the title held by judges of the Court of Exchequer



in Western Europe, a direct vassal of the king; later a noble title (feminine form, baroness). In Britain, where it is retained to this day, the title of baron is below the title of viscount, occupying the last place in the hierarchy of titles of the higher nobility. (In a broader sense the whole British higher nobility and the hereditary members of the House of Lords are barons.) In France and Germany this title was below the title of count. In the Russian Empire the title of baron was introduced by Peter I for the higher German nobility of the Baltic area.

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In 1858 a 'Drawing Room Theatre' was added as an extension to the Baronial Hall and Frederick White's 'superior band' replaced the old 'German' band.
Perhaps the most notable Scottish baronial loss was Panmure, seat of the Earls of Panmure, a picturesque masterpiece of 1852 by Bryce.
Through the agency of his cardinal-nephew, Paul V was able to force the purchase of the Villa Mondragone from the Altemps who, as members of Rome's second tier of baronial families, were of higher standing than the Borghese.
Melbye's scenery is perfect for the first act, giving James's family home an appropriate baronial grandeur--but the woodland scene of the second is rather too lush for a Scottish glen.
This area is public domain and neither local or central government should have authority to transfer rights of access to a privileged few for private gain; otherwise we are in danger of returning to the dark ages of baronial dictatorship.
Instead, we are shown how the planting and uses of the land were charged with hierarchical social values dependent on antique and baronial models.
It allows the conductor to freely exhibit his baronial, dramatic flair while maintaining a fair degree of control.
You will stay at the Tarbet Hotel, which was built in Scottish Baronial style and enjoys stunning views of Ben Lomond.
Designed by Regis Dho, the pattern is set against white or baronial blue rims.
We've lined up a choice of 400 hotels throughout the UK and Europe for you, from Scottish baronial castles to sun-drenched resorts in Spain.
The authentic Robin Hood ballads were the poetic expression of popular aspirations in the north of England during a turbulent era of baronial rebellions and agrarian discontent that culminated in the Peasants' Revolt of 1381.
In one room, an array of small paintings of hats (in oval frames) functioned like a group of family portraits in a baronial manse, but again the images were mute.