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It is the quality of the unit's service when compared to the inequality of its servitude to a disapproving and discriminatory nation that makes the history of the 320th Anti-Aircraft Barrage Balloon Battalion compelling for the reader.
Part III chronicles the D-Day experiences of the 320th, from the assault troops' bloody landings to the triumph of raising the first barrage balloons over the hard-fought beachheads.
Besides the barrage balloons, April also brought the creation of a Vital Defense Area that included most of Chippewa County.
ON GUARD: Harold Ted Turton on barrage balloon duty at Blews Street Park on July 11, 1941.
It was intended to entertain the members of the Anti-Aircraft and Barrage Balloon units.
The barrage balloon site in Ridgacre Lane gained some local notoriety as it was said to have also been responsible for bringing down a Whitley bomber on farmland (and now a supermarket site) off Ridgacre Road.
Cut to a shot of a crazy Yank with barrage balloon breasts - her own personal silicone valley.
Left, |damage in Cardiff after an air raid; above a barrage balloon above Roath Park
The shortest walk from the vicarage to the church was actually across the old barrage balloon field were we enjoyed casual games.
Marjorie recalled: "I had an unexploded bomb in my back yard and a barrage balloon over my house.
It was temporarily wrenched from its perch during the Blitz, when it was entangled in the cable of a barrage balloon.
It was on April 30, 1941, at 9pm that the Wellington, carrying bombs and ammunition, struck the cable of a barrage balloon over Bristol.