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Pleasant side-effects of the efficiency are less recoil, better barrel life, and good performance in 24-inch barrels.
It is very difficult to heat the barrel enough to significantly reduce barrel life.
5 Creedmoor will certainly be the easiest to shoot with extreme precision and is arguably the best choice for a hunter wanting easy-to-shoot ergonomics, long barrel life, and terminal performance adequate for all deer-size game and perhaps the occasional elk.
A consequence of longer chambers is shorter barrel life as the freebore gets longer to accommodate seating heavier bullets out further.
His creation was blessed with impressive accuracy, respectable exterior ballistics, relatively long barrel life and would fit into a short-action rifle.
The heat sink created by the nut greatly reduces throat temperatures and prolongs barrel life.
The reduced friction also means longer barrel life.
The new Weatherby's barrels are chrome-lined, a feature designed to improve barrel life and pattern consistency.
An operator with experience may be able to estimate remaining barrel life by closely examining the chamber throat, but for most of us a scope is most useful for evaluating our barrel cleaning habits (or lack thereof).
As a general industry-wide rule of thumb, it is believed that typical barrel life is, on average, two to three times that of the screw life (with compatible wear resistant materials).
Longer screw and barrel life reportedly result from an unexpected benefit of the new screw assembly.
Both Dillon Aero and Garwood quote a barrel life of 200,000 rounds.