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Condemning the policy of reticence as "a stupid dog-in-the-manger one," the article charged that "it suits official uppishness and the pride of police subordinates dressed in a little brief authority to snub and to thwart the representatives of the press, and to be either sulkily silent or barrenly communicative.
The catalogue, indeed, makes out Penone's work to be sad, even sinister, rather than barrenly clever.
Sonnet--to John Keats When Pope and Johnson slaughtered poesy, Long time the fruitless flight of year on year Was barrenly forlorn, and dark and drear As some wan Autumn day-break; till in thee A new, sweet pipe from out of faerie Began to sound, and ere in doubt and fear Mid deafness cold and coarse, barbarian jeer It hushed its ditty, for all time to be It left an echo from the eternal strands That lie about this pool of place and time, That we might stretch towards their groping hands And, sailing in a ship of golden rhyme As though in Mananayne's enchanted boat Thro sunset seas to Happy Islands float.