base station

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base station

[′bās ‚stā·shən]
A land station, in the land mobile service, carrying on a service with land mobile stations (a base station may secondarily communicate with other base stations incident to communications with land mobile stations).
A station in a land mobile system which remains in a fixed location and communicates with the mobile stations.
The point from which a survey begins.
A geographic position whose absolute gravity value is known.

base station

(1) A holder (see cradle).

(2) In general, a transmitter and receiver of electronic signals.

(3) An earth-bound transceiver station for wireless transmission to a communications satellite. See earth station and transceiver.

(4) A transceiver station for wireless transmission to cellular phones and devices. In 2G GSM systems, the base station is a "base transceiver station" (BTS). In 3G and LTE networks, base stations are known as "Node B" and "Evolved Node B" (eNB) stations respectively. See 3G, LTE and transceiver.

(5) A transceiver station for a wireless local area network (WLAN). A Wi-Fi base station is an "access point." See access point, transceiver and wireless LAN.
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BOSTON -- SEQUANS Communications, a leading developer and provider of fixed and mobile WiMAX semiconductor solutions, announced today that Aperto, leading global provider of high performance WiMAX base stations and subscriber units, will use Sequans' mobile WiMAX chipsets in its PacketMAX[TM] WiMAX base stations.
Aperto Networks helps leading service providers deliver affordable wireless voice and broadband profitably by building the world's most advanced WiMAX base stations and subscriber units.
With the Sansa Base Station always charged, you can extend the usage of your Sansa player into your living room, enjoy your favorite digital music on your home audio system and control your player wirelessly with the compact infrared remote.
The Sansa Base Station comes with a power adapter, USB 2.
AirNet will now have approximately 50 employees, and will focus its sales and marketing efforts on near term opportunities to sell pre-existing inventory and the portable RapidCell base station with iBSS software.
AirNet's patented broadband, software-defined AdaptaCell(R) SuperCapacity(TM) adaptive array base station solution provides a high-capacity base station with a software upgrade path to high-speed data.
Base station designs, based on cost, performance and physical size, are being driven by the current needs of service providers.
I have been operating my GSM network using the Anywave base station product for almost one year and have seen significant advantages in the software radio approach," said Toney Prather, CEO of Mid Tex Cellular.
The MCPA's ease of integration with the other components of a base station will enable manufacturers to focus their resources on other value-added areas.
VersaFlex base station enclosures feature an innovative modular design that provides wireless network operators with a smaller footprint, larger equipment capacity, and faster installation than competing products.