base table

base molding

base molding and base shoe
Molding used to trim the upper edge of interior baseboard; a base cap.
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Option A) operating table, such as a mobile system with interchangeable plates (mobile versions without the "built-in" basis - mobile table leg system weighing operating panels, including cable and battery charger), the base table (chassis, column) - Cell without transport truck (eg.
Index on a particular column each value in the column has a bit vector, bit-op is fast and the length of the bit vector number of records in the base table was the ith bit is set if the ith row of the base table has the value for the indexed column not suitable for high cardinality domains (many different values) given in Fig 2.
uk Oval gloss coffee table, [euro]399, Dwell Small round glass vase, [euro]39, Habitat Hot red Ghost-style plastic Victoria chair, [euro]102, Fusion Living Glass base table lamp, [euro]72, Littlewoods ireland.
The thing that everyone's been wrong at is not necessarily your starting point, your base table, but your mortality improvement," SCOR's Daitch added.
The Adhesive Tack Tester is used with Brookfield sTA-RT Rotary Base Table.
The lower and upper grip assemblies are included and no base table is required.
We love the Parker black spindle base table lamp from Homebase.
The cooked pasta sheet is mounted between the TAPlus base table and a rectangular plate containing a rectangular hole.
Designer Tom Dixon's shiny balls - lampshades made of copper - fit the bill, as do his shiny Base table and Beat vessels.
A CATS is developed from a unit's base table of organization and equipment (TOE) and Department of the Army-approved mission statement.
And Matalan has a nest of see-through perspex tables at pounds 40, and a clear glass base table lamp at pounds 30 a shot.
3-1 New projects and their relationship with AT88 project in BlueStar's new material base Table I-3.

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