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To register for the InsideView and Basho Strategies Sales Leadership Breakfast, call 650-4891-1897 or email marketing@insideview.
At Basho Strategies, we draw from the powerful world of sumo in our approach to sales training; an approach based on self-empowerment, mastery of form, and the creation of a sales-centric culture.
Jeffrey Hoffman, founder and CEO of Basho Strategies.
Basho Strategies welcomes the following organizations to its growing list of customers:
At the management level, Basho has provided our sales managers with specific coaching tactics that enable them to manage their teams more effectively.
Basho delivers practical, effective strategies that make so much sense and drive immediate response.
This partnership represents a best-in-class prospecting solution that combines the power of the OneSource Business Browser with the immediate impact of Basho Strategies' prospecting techniques," said Phil Garlick, president, OneSource Information Services.
The explosive growth that we have experienced at Basho Strategies this year demanded the immediate acquisition of additional space," said M.
Basho Strategies' Corporate Headquarters is now located at 25 Mall Road in Burlington, Massachusetts.
We are proud to join Basho Strategies in their effort to introduce their revolutionary sales training programs to the New England business community," said Brad Rinklin, Director of Sales Productivity for Akamai.
Basho Strategies provides a revolutionary approach to sales training for those organizations that desire immediate and measurable results.