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and its founder Arthur Noxon are still passionate about bringing studio-quality sound to the masses three decades after he invented the world's first portable bass trap.
What Noxon, 70, did was experiment with fiberglass insulation and wire mesh to create the TubeTrap, the world's first portable bass trap.
A bass trap acts like a sonic shock absorber to rid the room of the unwanted sound energy that people notice when it's shaking their walls at 2 a.
The product belongs to a class of acoustic treatments called a membrane bass trap.
For the casual fan there are some surprises among the B-sides on disc two - Three Sunrises is a huge guitar fest, though Bass Trap and Everlasting Love just seem overly indulgent.
Cost: $500 for a TubeTrap bass trap that controls low-frequency sound build-up in a small room, up to $50,000 for an entire studio
Jones makes abstract work using paint, sound, and audio equipment such as acoustic panels and bass traps.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) allows black sea bass traps north from Martin County on the east coast (shore to three miles) and Sarasota County on the west (shore to nine miles), but the regulations clearly specify them as traps, not pots.
The South Atlantic regulations for pots actually allow for slightly larger sizes than Florida's black sea bass traps.
Another head-scratcher occurred this past summer when the SAFMC passed a proposal to allow unlimited black sea bass traps in areas otherwise closed to hook-and-line fishing for species in the snapper-grouper complex.
In the same room, Jones's series of prints made with scans of double-ball bass strings will invoke synesthesia, and her paintings and sculptures using acoustic panels and bass traps will subliminally orient viewers to the physicality of sound.