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bastille, bastile

1. A fortification or castle, frequently used as a prison.
2. A tower or bulwark in the fortifications of a town.
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We like a writer," stated Hazlitt, "who takes in (or is willing to take in) the range of half the universe in feeling, character, description, much better than we do one who obstinately and invariably shuts himself up in the Bastile of his own ruling passions" (11: 71).
Bastile, supra note 4, at 231 (explaining that NSI's grant of domain name to parties does not grant legal rights with it).
Mary Bastile as grounds for divorce against her husband, Ferdinan, in Domestic Court today.
Ferdinan has a fondness for oddcharacters, and he brings them home at all hours," Mrs Bastile explained.
We have prisons [of Law] almost as strong as the Bastile [sic], for those who dare to libel the queens of France," (6) which Blake did with particular vengeance--since Blake at about the time he was engraving America, issued in 1793, envisioned Marie Antoinette as pestilential Venus, the Morning Star, a star in the dawning eastern heavens that expelled its beaming rays upon Paris, just as the chaste Moon of eventide cast plagues upon the citizens of London.