bathroom cabinet

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medicine cabinet

A storage cabinet for medical supplies, toilet articles, and the like.
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retro-tastic Fans of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream will love the new limited edition collectible version of the hero product, which comes in 1980s inspired packaging that will brighten any bathroom cabinet.
At a similar hearing last year, Mrs Sayers of York Street, Elswick, Newcastle, told magistrates that some of the pounds 40,000 found in two plastic bags hidden in her bathroom cabinet was part of her life savings.
80, B&Q Aquarius mirrored bathroom cabinet, [euro]62, Littlewoods ireland.
com)-- Expert designers and contractors for kitchen and bathroom cabinet construction, JM Kitchen & Bath have announced that the company hosted a remodeling seminar to offer advice on ensuring success with home upgrades.
THE next time you're putting up a bathroom cabinet or fitting a vanity unit, make sure it's a big one.
And 81 per cent of women confessed of having at least two unopened products in their bathroom cabinet even though they had no intention of ever using them.
59, is one of a handful of beauty products which has just been given Fair Trade status, so now your bathroom cabinet can be as ethical as your wardrobe and your pantry.
CELEBRATE World Vegan Day today with some supernatural goodies for your bathroom cabinet.
The British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), Britain's leading private abortion provider who are trying to open an abortion clinic in Cardiff, has launched a campaign called Just in Case to encourage women to buy the morning-after pill and keep it in the bathroom cabinet along with their plasters.
Aliens have turned me into a toothbrush and locked me in the bathroom cabinet.
Mintel consultant David Jago said: "Product suppliers are plundering the kitchen for new ideas for both organic and all-natural ranges, with the result that the bathroom cabinet is looking increasingly like the kitchen larder.
Bathroom Etiquette 1: Men Need Space in the Bathroom Cabinet Too.