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a strong steel deep-sea diving sphere, lowered by cable



a strong, usually steel, sphere-shaped chamber with equipment for underwater observation; it is lowered on a cable from a surface vessel. There is equipment in the bathysphere for air regeneration, measurement devices, and a telephone; there are also several observation windows.

The first descent in a bathysphere was made by the Italian Balzamello in the Mediterranean in 1892, to a depth of 165 m. In 1911 the American engineer H. Hartman descended in a bathysphere in the Mediterranean to a depth of 458 m. In 1934 the Americans W. Beebe and O. Barton descended in the bathysphere Age of Progress to a depth of 923 m near Bermuda, and in 1948, after a series of improvements, O. Barton descended in a bathysphere near California to a depth of 1,360 m. Since the 1950’s hydrostats have been used instead of bathyspheres for oceanographic exploration (and in some cases, for work connected with the raising of sunken vessels).


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(naval architecture)
A spherical chamber in which persons are lowered for observation and study of ocean depths.
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