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After that we started serving jumbo battered pigs in blankets.
According to experts, a relationship in which an individual suffers from battered spouse syndrome cycles between three phases.
Given the high prevalence of domestic violence, it is likely that social workers will encounter battered women who need their assistance.
legal doctrine to two types of confrontational situations, neither of which reflect the type of violence battered women encounter in their lives: (1) a sudden attack by an intruder or stranger; and (2) a fight between two equals that gets out of hand.
To overcome such barriers, battered women's advocates have been working with immigrants to break their unquestioning acceptance of troubled marriages.
10 "Women Subjected to Sexualized Violence," National Centre for Battered and Raped Women, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden, 1996, contains instructions for medical personnel conducting examinations of women who have been subjected to domestic violence; and "Legal Certificates at Investigations of Violent and Sexual Crimes," National Board of Health and Welfare, Stockholm, Sweden, 1997:5 (M) contains instructions for preparing forensic medical certificates in such cases.
Chapter one, by Professor Albert Roberts, shatters the nine myths about battered women.
But the emergence of the battered woman syndrome defense has stirred up a heated debate and a plethora of scholarship.
lawyer who works with the National Network for Battered Immigrant Women.
Battered Asparagus Fries -- Fresh asparagus pencils enrobed in a crisp batter with a light lemon flavor and the rich taste of butter.
Andrew and his team at Bearwood are creating a battered Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.