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batted work, broad tooled

A hand-dressed stone surface scored from top to bottom in narrow parallel strokes, (usually 8 to 10 per inch) (20 to 25 per centimeter), by use of a batting tool. The strokes may be vertical or oblique.
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566 batting average and seven home runs, hitting safely in 16 of 18 games.
It can be used both inside and out and doesn't require a batting cage.
My dad worked very hard with Reggie during the 1980 season, constantly reminding him to take his top hand off the bat in batting practice.
The Combined system of Schmidt stresses "centerfield contact," combining power and high batting average, though Schmidt hit over .
Hail, Cesar: After an abysmal first month of the season batting from the left side, which followed an awful 2002 in which Cesar Izturis batted .
His story: A 12th-round draft selection out of Texas Christian University in 2001, Macha (pronounced Ma-ha) spent all of last season in Lancaster, where he played four positions (shortstop, second base, third base and left field) and emerged as a key role player in the second half, batting .
With the left-handed Green and McGriff being split by right-handed batting Brian Jordan and followed by Adrian Beltre, it could create matchup problems for opposing managers who might have to choose between Green or McGriff facing a left-handed reliever in the late innings.
That could prove troublesome for the bottom part of the Dodgers' lineup because the area of Izturis' game that needs the most help is his batting from the left side, which remains a work in progress.
Foreman, the subject of a recent Baseball Weekly feature, was batting .
I know I'm not as quick as I was (with the bat),'' said Sheffield, who is batting .
However, Beltre's taking live batting practice and fielding grounders, which gives the club hope.
469 batting average, first in home runs with 16 and second in RBI with 48.