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I can stare at maps, particularly old maps, for hours and ponder over the way they were drawn and the way they were created in the days when satellites were not beaming down ever more detailed images from space to help us out.
With the sun beaming down for the past few days, there could be some fast times at Shelbourne tomorrow when the Sporting Press Irish Oaks semis are run.
Star Trek Into Darkness Cert 12A BEAMING down into cinemas this week is this spectacular looking but disappointing sequel to 2009's brilliant franchise reboot.
Kenny Shiels watched Liam Kelly take his Scotland bow - and feels his starlet's dad Jack would have been beaming down from heaven with pride.
The fine summer weather contributed to the theme, beaming down on the hundreds of families who attended the seaside racecourse.
Beaming down from cyberspace high above the convention floor is this dot com with the mostess.
Cole Porter, Peter Alien, Tom Lehrer, and Nancy LaMott must be beaming down at their collective progeny.
And their faces were already beaming down from posters on billboards around Tyneside.
The ScanEagle will fly over RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire, and organisers hope to demonstrate its capabilities by beaming down images of the show taken by the plane to giant screens.
In reality, the host of TV's red-hot ``American Idol'' isn't so stuck up that he's rubbing his hands together with an evil cackle, imagining his face beaming down from satellites across the universe - that would be his ``Idol'' nemesis Simon Cowell.